Jun. 2nd, 2011

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Original Canon: Back To The Future

Age: 65

Birthday: October 22nd

Status: Touched (Somewhat, specialties: mechanics, temporal physics)

Brief History: Born to Elias and Sarah Brown (nee Von Braun) in a small town on the East Coast, Emmett was from the start an exceptionally gifted child. Bumped up four grades when he started school, he was constantly obsessed with learning. He first got interested in science at the age of 11, after reading the works of Kepler and Swift. At age 14, he started classes at Harvard, where he regularly showed off his early inventions to classmates.

Unfortunately, these inventions tended to malfunction, leading to Emmett being regularly mocked. At age 17, one of these incidents led to Emmett going a bit Creative, taking over an unused laboratory to build a fantastic machine. Unfortunately, said machine blew up in his face and rendered him unconscious for two days. Things didn’t get better when he woke up – Elias, a severe technophobe, was enraged to discover his son was a Touched and disowned him at gunpoint. Emmett sought refuge with a friend to finish off his last year at Harvard, then started moving around the East Coast doing odd jobs to make money. He received his doctorate in Unusual Physics from a Transylvania Polygnostic University mail-order course during these years. He eventually worked his way west, learning the smithing trade and settling down as the local blacksmith in Hill Valley. After some years there, he met his best friend and loyal Igor Marty McFly. The two quickly became as thick as thieves, and with Marty’s help, Doc was finally able to make some real progress on his greatest Invention – a time machine.

Unfortunately, the pair got themselves in a lot of trouble with the mayor of their small town after an incident involving said mayor’s hat, one of Doc’s Presto-Logs, a dog collar, ten spoons, and a wheel of cheese, and had to leave town fast. They chose to bump up the date of an already-planned trip to Secundus and made their way across the Atlantic. The two quickly adapted to life in Secundus, with Doc renting a building and setting up a “spare parts and repairs” business to fund his experiments. Almost a year later, they were fully integrated into the city, having made friends with many of the inhabitants, and ready to test the new hover-conversion system on Doc’s new prototype time machine. Wanting for the test to go as smoothly as possible, Doc picked out the smallest and most inauspicious village he could find on the map to land – Burtonsville. Little did he know he’d be picking up a passenger before leaving. . . .

Relationship to Victor: Employer, friend

Introduced In: Chapter One


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