secundus_cast: (Cheshire Cat)
Original Canon: "American McGee’s Alice"

Age: 17ish

Birthday: Cats don’t bother with these – it was sometime in April

Status: Fabricated

Brief History: The Cheshire Cat was an early experiment of Lewis Carroll’s, inspired by the grinning cat-shaped Cheshire cheeses his family sometimes bought. A small glitch in the Fabrication process led to the Cat coming out skeletally skinny, but otherwise healthy. The Cat’s personality proved to be a sarcastic one, and he seemed to take great joy in stumping those around him with obscure riddles and brain-teasers. Lewis, perhaps as a prank, assigned him the role of guide to visitors, a occupation the Cat took to with relish.

Life for the Cheshire Cat generally consisted of teasing visitors, using his invisibility and teleportation abilities to sneak around the park, and lounging in convenient trees. Usually a loner, Cheshire took an odd fondness to Alice Liddell upon meeting her and often consented to play with her (as well as occasionally give her accurate directions). Though he would never admit it to anyone, he worried about her during her time at the asylum and occasionally made use of his absurdly thin frame to sneak into her cell and check up on her. Upon her release from the asylum and return to the city, he encouraged her dreams of becoming a fighter and sparred with her when she was testing out new weapons.

Life continued on as normal for Cheshire until the arrival of one Victor Van Dort. Intrigued by this young man who seemed to be determined to draw every insect in the park, he stalked him invisibly until Victor ran into Alice. With an introduction forced out of him by his favorite person, Cheshire decided that Victor, with his odd love of Inventions despite growing up in the dullest town on earth, was worth keeping an eye on.

And besides, those staring contests the young man kept having with Alice were ever so amusing. . . .

Relationship To Victor: Friend

Introduced In: Chapter Four
secundus_cast: (March Hare)
Original Canon: Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Age: 15ish

Birthday: November 26th, but he prefers to celebrate unbirthdays

Status: Fabricated

Brief History: One of the earliest projects of Lewis Carroll’s, the March Hare was created as an oversized brown hare with human intelligence. The project more or less worked – March turned out as intelligent and articulate as your average human, but also as mad as – well, a March hare. Easily distracted, he demonstrated a tendency to stare at anything bright and shiny, and developed an all-consuming obsession with all things related to tea and cooking. This obsession, however, eventually made him arguably the best cook in all of Secundus. Released into Wonderland Park, March set up a house near the White Rabbit’s and began offering tea and snacks to visitors. He met Richard Dodgson this way one day, and the two almost immediately became firm friends over their shared love of tea. Richard even restructured his basement lab at Mad Hatter Haberdashery so he and March could hold tea parties for their friends. The duo became a trio with the creation of the sleepy Dormouse. March enjoyed the Dormouse’s rambling stories whenever the poor thing could be prodded awake, and found himself feeling rather protective of the eternally-sleepy creature. Richard felt much the same, and the two took it upon themselves to keep the Dormouse (nicknamed Dormy) fed, safe, and happy. (Dormy, for his part, is very grateful for this, and says as much whenever he’s awake.)

March soon fell into a routine of dividing his time roughly equally between his own burrow-house in Wonderland Park and Mad Hatter Haberdashery. He did his best to stay out of the way of customers, though every so often one would grab his attention. Such was the case with Victor Van Dort, whom March immediately thought needed more meat on his bones. Victor’s cheerful reception of March’s tea cakes marked him as someone March wanted to get to know better, and soon enough the young man was a regular at his tea table.

Relationship To Victor: Friend

Introduced In: Chapter Two
secundus_cast: (Lewis Carroll)
Original Canon: Alice In Wonderland (original character semi-based off the author)

Age: 42-ish (his works in time-twisting make it hard for even him to be sure)

Birthday: January 27th

Status: Touched (Severely, specialities: none)

Brief History: Born to Warren and Maxine Carroll, Lewis grew up on a farm in the English countryside. He developed quite a love of animals during his childhood, making friends with many of the cows and chickens the family kept and the rabbits that lived in the field beyond. He also became quite adept at horticulture, often thinking up improvements to the plants and soil that allowed his family to grow bigger and better crops.

It was thus hardly a surprise to anyone when Lewis went Creative at the age of ten, and his family promptly put their son’s new madness to work for them. Lewis stayed on the farm for many years Inventing for his family, but eventually found himself wanting something else out of life. Heeding the call of the city, he moved to Secundus. He worked briefly in one of the groceries, but his tendency to want to experiment with the vegetables quickly got him fired, leaving him scrambling for a job.

Opportunity arose when the current mayor asked for help in revitalizing one of the city parks. Lewis jumped at the chance, and soon had the park in full bloom. The grateful mayor gave the park to Lewis to do with as he saw fit. Lewis promptly constructed a house on the premises, made himself a laboratory, and set to work creating all sorts of new animals and plants, including the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, the Dormouse, and the White Rabbit. He also made some breakthroughs in weather control and time dilation, slowing his aging considerably in the process. He quickly became friends with fellow Touched Richard Dodgson and Sir Christopher Lloyd thanks to their similar interests in Inventing. He also made a number of child friends, chief among them Alice Liddell. Having met her on a birthday trip to the park, Lewis took an immediate liking to the curious young girl and often had her help him with his experiments. After the deaths of Henry and Lorina, he paid the occasional visit to Alice in bedlam and welcomed her back to the city with open arms when she was released.

Unfortunately, as he got to know her as a young adult, he found his feelings for her changing from familial affection to more romantic love. Unable to articulate his new crush, he tried to content himself with friendship. But after Victor Van Dort’s arrival to Secundus, his situation became even more complicated. . . .

Relationship To Victor: Friend, extremely brief rival (as in, two minutes)

Introduced In: Chapter Four
secundus_cast: (Emily Cartwell)
Original Canon: Corpse Bride

Age: 18 (death age)

Birthday: May 26th

Status: Reanimated

Brief History: Emily was the only daughter of Frank and Amelia Cartwell – her mother died a few days after giving birth to her. Raised by her father and a kind governess, Emily grew up a romantic and dreamy child with a love of butterflies and flowers. As she became a teenager, she became fascinated with the idea of marriage and vowed to be wed only to her one true love. Unfortunately, she choose as her “true love” one Barkis Bittern, a poor drifter in town with a silver tongue and few morals. Barkis easily sweet-talked young Emily, but her father wasn’t taken in by the young man’s charms and nixed the match. Emily, unwilling to let her “true love” slip away from her, agreed to Barkis’s suggestion that they elope. Sadly for her, Barkis was merely interested in whatever money he could get from her, and murdered her in the woods outside town while she waited for him, stealing the gold and jewels he’d convinced her to bring and burying her in a shallow grave.

Her story normally would have ended there, except for the fact that Sally Finklestein, on a trip to the area with her creator, saw the skeletal remains of her hand sticking up from the ground and pointed it out to the doctor. Emily was promptly dug up, brought back to Dr. Finklestein’s castle, and brought back to life. Now a Reanimated, Emily decided she wasn’t going to let being a half-rotted corpse stop her quest for true love. She vowed to wait in the castle, watching those who passed through and searching hopefully for the one. Most men refused to have anything to do with her, but then one lucky day she met Victor Van Dort.

And then, through him, Richard Dodgson.

Relationship To Victor: Friend

Introduced In: Chapter Eight
secundus_cast: (Victoria Everglot)
Original Canon: Corpse Bride

Age: 18

Birthday: May 26th

Status: Regular

Brief History: The first child of Lord and Lady Everglot, Victoria proved to also be their only child, as Maudeline was promptly informed she would not survive another pregnancy. Disappointed in the fact they did not have a male heir to carry on the family line, the Everglots nevertheless raised their daughter to be their idea of the ideal lady. Victoria grew up shy and repressed in the tiny town of Burtonsville, rarely allowed out of doors and frequently lectured on her lack of perfection. Despite this, she also grew up as a kind and sweet young lady, with a hidden spine of steel when it came to those things she thought were truly important. She spent her days learning things like sewing and painting, entertaining herself with her maid Hildegarde, and preparing for the day of her marriage to a proper young man.

Eventually, when she was old enough, her parents arranged a match with the Van Dorts – rich fishmongers whom the Everglots loathed, but who had money they desperately needed – and the wedding was set for late January. Victoria curiously awaited meeting her groom-to-be, but a couple of weeks before the rehearsal, Victor Van Dort vanished. News soon came that he was living in Secundus, of all places. The Van Dorts pleaded with the Everglots to come with them to rescue their son, and eventually they agreed to see if there was anything worth saving in the match. Victoria fully expected to be terrified by the Mad Science Capital of the World and set out on the trip with dread. To her immense surprise, the city proved to be not even half as frightening as she’d imagined – in fact, she found the inhabitants (as Victor had told her) to be quite friendly.

Particularly, one Sir Christopher Lloyd.

Relationship To Victor: Arranged fiancee, friend

Introduced In: Chapter Six
secundus_cast: (Sir Christoper Lloyd)
Original Canon: Alice In Wonderland (Hallmark TV Special)

Age: 45

Birthday: February 28th

Status: Touched (Severely, specialities: none)

Brief History: Born to Caryl and Louisa Lloyd as their eldest child, Christopher grew up fascinated by the tales of knights and dragons his father told. He made up his mind to become the bravest and best knight in the land once he came of age. Not even going Creative at age seventeen could sway him from his course – he simply added “brightest” to his list of attributes. Entering Her Majesty’s military service as soon as he was able, Christopher quickly rose through the ranks due to his brave heart and intelligent mind. Although never particularly good on a horse, he took to the sword like a fish to water, and earned a name as a particularly skilled killer of monsters. He also gained a reputation as a most prolific Inventor, coming up with thousands of ideas on how to improve his life and the lives of his friends. His successful slaying of the vicious Jabberwock earned him his knighthood and a personal laboratory in the palace, and he continued his experiments under the patronage of Her Royal Majesty. His chivalrous nature and unique ivory-colored armor soon earned him the nickname “The White Knight” among the populace.

Christopher often visited Secundus to meet with fellow inventors, and quickly made friends with Richard Dodgson, Lewis Carroll, and (upon his arrival) Emmett Brown. Fond of children, he would often entertain crowds of his youngest fans with tales of his greatest exploits. It was during one of these story sessions that he met Alice Liddell, and another firm friendship was formed. After the death of Alice’s parents, Christopher assisted her aunt and uncle with the expenses involved in treating Alice’s physical and mental wounds. When she finally returned from bedlam, she told him that she wished to be a warrior of sorts herself. Although at first unsure, Christopher agreed to help her train, and soon discovered her skills at monster-killing rivaled his own – a fact that made him very proud.

As was typical of most knights in the court, Christopher had his share of romances with young ladies. None of them ever really went beyond the stage of kissing and hand-holding, however, and his loves eventually drifted off to other prospects. Unconcerned, Christopher continued to live life in the moment, cheerfully welcoming Doc’s new assistant Victor into his social circle when he met him.

And then more than welcoming Victor’s ex-fiancé Victoria Everglot when he met her.

Relationship To Victor: Friend

Introduced In: Chapter Seven
secundus_cast: (Richard Dodgson)
Original Canon: "American McGee’s Alice"

Age: Not even he knows anymore

Birthday: October 6th

Status: Touched (Severely, specialities: Automatons, hat-making, tea-serving)

Brief History: Richard was born to Quentin and Nettie Dodgson, their only son. Growing up in London, Richard fully expected to take over his father’s hat shop once he was of age. Going a bit Creative at sixteen, however, put a crimp in these plans. Although Richard continued on with his hat-making apprenticeship, the local population was quite nervous about having a Touched design their headwear for them. Richard decided he should strike out on his own and set out for Secundus, where he founded Mad Hatter Haberdashery.

Although a skilled hatter who loved his job, Richard soon discovered he was growing very sick from all the mercury used in the hat-making process. He promptly took steps to extend his life – first by transforming himself from pure human into part-Automaton, then by creating machines to do most of the hat-making work for him. During this time, he met and befriended Lewis Carroll and his creations, in particular the March Hare and the Dormouse. He, March, and Dormy soon became nearly inseparable, and Richard’s basement lab in his shop became the site of many of March’s tea parties. He also became a good friend of young Alice Liddell, sharing with her his love of tea, riddles, and clockwork. After Alice’s parents died, he tried to take the young girl in, only to find his efforts stymied by his no-longer-human status. The best he could do was the occasional visit to her cell in Rutledge Asylum. Once she was declared cured and returned to the city to live with her aunt and uncle, he welcomed her home with open arms and gave her a job as a clerk in his shop. When she told him of her plan to become Secundus’s protector, he eagerly helped her create and test the weapons she’d dreamed up in bedlam as well.

Throughout all of this, Richard had given up any hopes of leaving bachelorhood. Content enough with his business and friends, he happily embraced Victor Van Dort into his circle upon meeting him. Little did he suspect that Victor would later befriend Miss Emily Cartwell – or that the “Corpse Bride” would end up seizing his attention more than any hat.

Relationship To Victor: Friend

Introduced In: Chapter Two

Note: Credit for Richard being named -- well, Richard, goes to NuttyIsa of devART. I literally cannot think of him as named anything else after seeing her call him that time and time again.
secundus_cast: (Alice Liddell)
Original Canon: “American McGee's Alice” (with just a bit of “Alice: Madness Returns” added)

Age: 19

Birthday: May 4th

Status: Regular (suffered from normal madness some time ago)

Brief History: Alice was born to Henry and Lorina Liddell, their only living child after years of trying. She grew up a happy and healthy young girl in the countryside of Oxford, with a love of animals (particularly cats and rabbits). She also developed a thirst for adventure, a trait her parents encouraged by taking her on frequent trips to the wonder-filled city of Secundus. She made many friends there, including her mother’s favorite hatter Mr. Richard Dodgson and the gallant White Knight Sir Christopher Lloyd. Her favorite person, however, was Mr. Lewis Carroll, creator of Wonderland Park. Alice considered the park practically a second home, exploring all its nooks and crannies and making friends with all the Fabricated and Automaton creatures that lived there.

Sadly, Alice’s happy childhood was cut tragically short when a house fire led to the death of her beloved parents when she was only eight years old. Wracked with guilt over her survival, Alice sank into a deep catatonia and was committed to Rutledge Asylum. There she remained for eight years, battling monsters in a ruined mental Wonderland as she struggled to regain her sanity. Finally, she defeated the Jabberwock of her own guilt and awoke back into the real world. Once she was deemed fit for release, she moved in with her aunt and uncle and reestablished her old friendships. She continued to visit a psychiatrist to keep her mental problems at bay, and started her own form of therapy by acting as Secundus’s protector. Determined to never let what happened to her happen to another child, she enlisted her friend Richard’s help in making her dream weapons and training with them. She quickly gained a reputation as a fierce fighter and a skilled killer of monsters. She also gained a reputation as a bit standoffish – worried about what might happen to her loved ones should she get too close, she closed herself off from most people. She certainly never dreamed that she would fall in love and marry anyone.

Then she met Victor Van Dort.

Relationship to Victor: Friend, girlfriend

Introduced In: Chapter Two
secundus_cast: (Marty McFly)
Original Canon: Back To The Future

Age: 17

Birthday: June 9th

Status: Regular/Igor

Brief History: Marty was born to George and Lorraine McFly in the small western town of Hill Valley, their third child after older brother Dave and older sister Linda. His upbringing was fairly standard for the time – his family worked on a farm like most in the area, although his father also wrote science fiction stories for local papers and magazines. Marty himself took an early interest in music, and began experimenting with new styles, determined to become a famous musician when he grew up.

At the age of 14, he met Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown when his horse threw a shoe and, in seeking the help of the local blacksmith, got sucked into helping Doc with one of his early mind-reading experiments. Marty soon showed aptitude as an Igor, and the two quickly became best friends. Marty met his girlfriend Jennifer Parker at the market shortly afterward, and began a years-long courtship with her. The three worked happily together, helping Doc’s Inventions become reality and making plans for the future.

One particular dream – to visit Secundus, Mad Science Capital of the World – quickly became a necessity after Doc and Marty severely upset the mayor (and ruined his hat). The pair quickly made the necessary arrangements, packed their things, and fled across the Atlantic. Initially a little dubious of the English city, Marty soon adjusted to his new life – especially after he found the residents of Secundus much more open to his music than his fellow Hill Valleyians. Although determined to go back to Hill Valley one day to marry Jennifer, Marty made the most of his time in Secundus, eagerly helping his best friend get his latest project – a time machine – off the ground. Then one day, he and Doc decided to visit a little town named Burtonsville to test-run Doc’s new hover-conversion system. . . .

Relationship to Victor: Coworker, friend

Introduced In: Chapter One
secundus_cast: (Doc Brown)
Original Canon: Back To The Future

Age: 65

Birthday: October 22nd

Status: Touched (Somewhat, specialties: mechanics, temporal physics)

Brief History: Born to Elias and Sarah Brown (nee Von Braun) in a small town on the East Coast, Emmett was from the start an exceptionally gifted child. Bumped up four grades when he started school, he was constantly obsessed with learning. He first got interested in science at the age of 11, after reading the works of Kepler and Swift. At age 14, he started classes at Harvard, where he regularly showed off his early inventions to classmates.

Unfortunately, these inventions tended to malfunction, leading to Emmett being regularly mocked. At age 17, one of these incidents led to Emmett going a bit Creative, taking over an unused laboratory to build a fantastic machine. Unfortunately, said machine blew up in his face and rendered him unconscious for two days. Things didn’t get better when he woke up – Elias, a severe technophobe, was enraged to discover his son was a Touched and disowned him at gunpoint. Emmett sought refuge with a friend to finish off his last year at Harvard, then started moving around the East Coast doing odd jobs to make money. He received his doctorate in Unusual Physics from a Transylvania Polygnostic University mail-order course during these years. He eventually worked his way west, learning the smithing trade and settling down as the local blacksmith in Hill Valley. After some years there, he met his best friend and loyal Igor Marty McFly. The two quickly became as thick as thieves, and with Marty’s help, Doc was finally able to make some real progress on his greatest Invention – a time machine.

Unfortunately, the pair got themselves in a lot of trouble with the mayor of their small town after an incident involving said mayor’s hat, one of Doc’s Presto-Logs, a dog collar, ten spoons, and a wheel of cheese, and had to leave town fast. They chose to bump up the date of an already-planned trip to Secundus and made their way across the Atlantic. The two quickly adapted to life in Secundus, with Doc renting a building and setting up a “spare parts and repairs” business to fund his experiments. Almost a year later, they were fully integrated into the city, having made friends with many of the inhabitants, and ready to test the new hover-conversion system on Doc’s new prototype time machine. Wanting for the test to go as smoothly as possible, Doc picked out the smallest and most inauspicious village he could find on the map to land – Burtonsville. Little did he know he’d be picking up a passenger before leaving. . . .

Relationship to Victor: Employer, friend

Introduced In: Chapter One