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Original Canon: Corpse Bride

Age: 18

Birthday: May 26th

Status: Regular

Brief History: The first child of Lord and Lady Everglot, Victoria proved to also be their only child, as Maudeline was promptly informed she would not survive another pregnancy. Disappointed in the fact they did not have a male heir to carry on the family line, the Everglots nevertheless raised their daughter to be their idea of the ideal lady. Victoria grew up shy and repressed in the tiny town of Burtonsville, rarely allowed out of doors and frequently lectured on her lack of perfection. Despite this, she also grew up as a kind and sweet young lady, with a hidden spine of steel when it came to those things she thought were truly important. She spent her days learning things like sewing and painting, entertaining herself with her maid Hildegarde, and preparing for the day of her marriage to a proper young man.

Eventually, when she was old enough, her parents arranged a match with the Van Dorts – rich fishmongers whom the Everglots loathed, but who had money they desperately needed – and the wedding was set for late January. Victoria curiously awaited meeting her groom-to-be, but a couple of weeks before the rehearsal, Victor Van Dort vanished. News soon came that he was living in Secundus, of all places. The Van Dorts pleaded with the Everglots to come with them to rescue their son, and eventually they agreed to see if there was anything worth saving in the match. Victoria fully expected to be terrified by the Mad Science Capital of the World and set out on the trip with dread. To her immense surprise, the city proved to be not even half as frightening as she’d imagined – in fact, she found the inhabitants (as Victor had told her) to be quite friendly.

Particularly, one Sir Christopher Lloyd.

Relationship To Victor: Arranged fiancee, friend

Introduced In: Chapter Six


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