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Original Canon: “American McGee's Alice” (with just a bit of “Alice: Madness Returns” added)

Age: 19

Birthday: May 4th

Status: Regular (suffered from normal madness some time ago)

Brief History: Alice was born to Henry and Lorina Liddell, their only living child after years of trying. She grew up a happy and healthy young girl in the countryside of Oxford, with a love of animals (particularly cats and rabbits). She also developed a thirst for adventure, a trait her parents encouraged by taking her on frequent trips to the wonder-filled city of Secundus. She made many friends there, including her mother’s favorite hatter Mr. Richard Dodgson and the gallant White Knight Sir Christopher Lloyd. Her favorite person, however, was Mr. Lewis Carroll, creator of Wonderland Park. Alice considered the park practically a second home, exploring all its nooks and crannies and making friends with all the Fabricated and Automaton creatures that lived there.

Sadly, Alice’s happy childhood was cut tragically short when a house fire led to the death of her beloved parents when she was only eight years old. Wracked with guilt over her survival, Alice sank into a deep catatonia and was committed to Rutledge Asylum. There she remained for eight years, battling monsters in a ruined mental Wonderland as she struggled to regain her sanity. Finally, she defeated the Jabberwock of her own guilt and awoke back into the real world. Once she was deemed fit for release, she moved in with her aunt and uncle and reestablished her old friendships. She continued to visit a psychiatrist to keep her mental problems at bay, and started her own form of therapy by acting as Secundus’s protector. Determined to never let what happened to her happen to another child, she enlisted her friend Richard’s help in making her dream weapons and training with them. She quickly gained a reputation as a fierce fighter and a skilled killer of monsters. She also gained a reputation as a bit standoffish – worried about what might happen to her loved ones should she get too close, she closed herself off from most people. She certainly never dreamed that she would fall in love and marry anyone.

Then she met Victor Van Dort.

Relationship to Victor: Friend, girlfriend

Introduced In: Chapter Two
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