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Lord Finis Marcellus Everglot
Original Canon: Corpse Bride

Age: 49

Birthday: May 9th

Status: Regular

Brief History: The scion of a family of grand dukes, the Everglots had already started to fall on hard times by the time Finis was born. The elder Everglots refused to give up their fairly lavish lifestyles, however, and Finis grew up in a whirl of socializing, hunting parties (which he took to like a duck to water) and various other rich-man pursuits. His parents were cold and proud people, completely convinced of their own superiority – an attitude Finis quickly adopted as his own. This, combined with a lack of noble women willing to marry into the family, made it rather hard for him to find a bride. Finis would have happily stayed a bachelor all of his days, but his parents eventually arranged for him to marry Maudeline Watson, the daughter of a count, in order to get some money into their coffers. Finis disliked Maudeline on sight, but he knew the importance of making a good match and of producing an heir for the family and went along with the wedding.

Finis eventually inherited his father’s lands, along with his debts, and the money provided by his marriage to Maudeline soon ran out. Even worse, Maudeline proved unable to handle the strains of pregnancy more than once, leaving them with only one child – a daughter, Victoria. Annoyed at having no proper heir, Finis left the raising of Victoria to his wife and servants as he looked for ways to fill the family coffers. Investments were made, land and possessions sold, and luxuries given up, but still the family teetered on the edge of bankruptcy.

Finally, as Victoria came of age, Finis decided to do as his father had done before him and marry her off to a rich man. Unfortunately for him, those nobles with eligible sons were unwilling to marry into a family so destitute. Finis found himself with only one offer for his daughter’s hand – from the Van Dorts, a nouveau riche family of fishmongers desperate for status. Finis despised the idea of connecting his family to theirs, but knowing he had no real choice, the wedding was arranged.

And then Victor Van Dort disappeared, only to reappear in the Mad Scientist Capital of the World. Even with William Van Dort offering them a substantial loan to come with him and his wife to fetch the wayward groom, Finis wondered if he had made a huge mistake.

Relationship To Victor: Potential father-in-law

Introduced In: Chapter Six

Lady Maudeline Eva Watson Everglot
Original Canon: Corpse Bride

Age: 50

Birthday: May 1st

Status: Regular

Brief History: Maudeline was born to a count and countess in the countryside, their eldest daughter. Her upbringing was fairly normal for her part of the world – she learned sewing, managing the family books, and keeping the servants in line. She grew up into a rather haughty and cold young lady, who disliked music and novels, believing them to be too passionate for a proper lady. Not blessed with good looks and much taller than most men liked, Maudeline half-expected to end her life as a spinster and prepared herself for the shame. To her surprise, though, the Everglots came along and practically demanded her hand for their son Finis, needing her family’s money to help shore up their own bank accounts. Maudeline found Finis to be rather repulsive, but figured marriage to him was better than dying alone and went along with the wedding. After their honeymoon, the two mutually agreed to stay out of each other’s way as much as possible, meeting only when necessary.

After some time trying, Maudeline eventually produced a daughter, Victoria. She would prove to be their only child, as Maudeline was warned right after the birth she would not survive another pregnancy. Lacking maternal instincts, Maudeline left most of the day-to-day care in the hands of the maid, Hildegarde. Her focus was on teaching Victoria to become a proper lady, passing down the lessons she’d learned long ago. Victoria’s shy and gentle personality clashed with Maudeline’s own, however, leading her to often bemoan her lack of a perfect daughter. Not wanting to totally give up, she worked on making Victoria “passable,” and then mostly left the young girl alone.

Just as concerned as Finis about their diminishing funds, she agreed readily to his idea of marrying Victoria off to a rich suitor when their daughter came of age. To her extreme annoyance, the only suitor willing to make a match with them came from a family of fishmongers, the Van Dorts. Maudeline despaired over how far the family had fallen, but money was money, and the wedding was arranged.

Only to be delayed when Victor Van Dort, the potential groom, suddenly vanished. And then turned up in Secundus, of all places. . . .

Relationship To Victor: Potential mother-in-law

Introduced In: Chapter Six


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