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Original Canon: Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Age: 15ish

Birthday: November 26th, but he prefers to celebrate unbirthdays

Status: Fabricated

Brief History: One of the earliest projects of Lewis Carroll’s, the March Hare was created as an oversized brown hare with human intelligence. The project more or less worked – March turned out as intelligent and articulate as your average human, but also as mad as – well, a March hare. Easily distracted, he demonstrated a tendency to stare at anything bright and shiny, and developed an all-consuming obsession with all things related to tea and cooking. This obsession, however, eventually made him arguably the best cook in all of Secundus. Released into Wonderland Park, March set up a house near the White Rabbit’s and began offering tea and snacks to visitors. He met Richard Dodgson this way one day, and the two almost immediately became firm friends over their shared love of tea. Richard even restructured his basement lab at Mad Hatter Haberdashery so he and March could hold tea parties for their friends. The duo became a trio with the creation of the sleepy Dormouse. March enjoyed the Dormouse’s rambling stories whenever the poor thing could be prodded awake, and found himself feeling rather protective of the eternally-sleepy creature. Richard felt much the same, and the two took it upon themselves to keep the Dormouse (nicknamed Dormy) fed, safe, and happy. (Dormy, for his part, is very grateful for this, and says as much whenever he’s awake.)

March soon fell into a routine of dividing his time roughly equally between his own burrow-house in Wonderland Park and Mad Hatter Haberdashery. He did his best to stay out of the way of customers, though every so often one would grab his attention. Such was the case with Victor Van Dort, whom March immediately thought needed more meat on his bones. Victor’s cheerful reception of March’s tea cakes marked him as someone March wanted to get to know better, and soon enough the young man was a regular at his tea table.

Relationship To Victor: Friend

Introduced In: Chapter Two
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