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Original Canon: Alice In Wonderland (original character semi-based off the author)

Age: 42-ish (his works in time-twisting make it hard for even him to be sure)

Birthday: January 27th

Status: Touched (Severely, specialities: none)

Brief History: Born to Warren and Maxine Carroll, Lewis grew up on a farm in the English countryside. He developed quite a love of animals during his childhood, making friends with many of the cows and chickens the family kept and the rabbits that lived in the field beyond. He also became quite adept at horticulture, often thinking up improvements to the plants and soil that allowed his family to grow bigger and better crops.

It was thus hardly a surprise to anyone when Lewis went Creative at the age of ten, and his family promptly put their son’s new madness to work for them. Lewis stayed on the farm for many years Inventing for his family, but eventually found himself wanting something else out of life. Heeding the call of the city, he moved to Secundus. He worked briefly in one of the groceries, but his tendency to want to experiment with the vegetables quickly got him fired, leaving him scrambling for a job.

Opportunity arose when the current mayor asked for help in revitalizing one of the city parks. Lewis jumped at the chance, and soon had the park in full bloom. The grateful mayor gave the park to Lewis to do with as he saw fit. Lewis promptly constructed a house on the premises, made himself a laboratory, and set to work creating all sorts of new animals and plants, including the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, the Dormouse, and the White Rabbit. He also made some breakthroughs in weather control and time dilation, slowing his aging considerably in the process. He quickly became friends with fellow Touched Richard Dodgson and Sir Christopher Lloyd thanks to their similar interests in Inventing. He also made a number of child friends, chief among them Alice Liddell. Having met her on a birthday trip to the park, Lewis took an immediate liking to the curious young girl and often had her help him with his experiments. After the deaths of Henry and Lorina, he paid the occasional visit to Alice in bedlam and welcomed her back to the city with open arms when she was released.

Unfortunately, as he got to know her as a young adult, he found his feelings for her changing from familial affection to more romantic love. Unable to articulate his new crush, he tried to content himself with friendship. But after Victor Van Dort’s arrival to Secundus, his situation became even more complicated. . . .

Relationship To Victor: Friend, extremely brief rival (as in, two minutes)

Introduced In: Chapter Four
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