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Original Canon: Corpse Bride

Age: 18 (death age)

Birthday: May 26th

Status: Reanimated

Brief History: Emily was the only daughter of Frank and Amelia Cartwell – her mother died a few days after giving birth to her. Raised by her father and a kind governess, Emily grew up a romantic and dreamy child with a love of butterflies and flowers. As she became a teenager, she became fascinated with the idea of marriage and vowed to be wed only to her one true love. Unfortunately, she choose as her “true love” one Barkis Bittern, a poor drifter in town with a silver tongue and few morals. Barkis easily sweet-talked young Emily, but her father wasn’t taken in by the young man’s charms and nixed the match. Emily, unwilling to let her “true love” slip away from her, agreed to Barkis’s suggestion that they elope. Sadly for her, Barkis was merely interested in whatever money he could get from her, and murdered her in the woods outside town while she waited for him, stealing the gold and jewels he’d convinced her to bring and burying her in a shallow grave.

Her story normally would have ended there, except for the fact that Sally Finklestein, on a trip to the area with her creator, saw the skeletal remains of her hand sticking up from the ground and pointed it out to the doctor. Emily was promptly dug up, brought back to Dr. Finklestein’s castle, and brought back to life. Now a Reanimated, Emily decided she wasn’t going to let being a half-rotted corpse stop her quest for true love. She vowed to wait in the castle, watching those who passed through and searching hopefully for the one. Most men refused to have anything to do with her, but then one lucky day she met Victor Van Dort.

And then, through him, Richard Dodgson.

Relationship To Victor: Friend

Introduced In: Chapter Eight
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