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Original Canon: Alice In Wonderland (Hallmark TV Special)

Age: 45

Birthday: February 28th

Status: Touched (Severely, specialities: none)

Brief History: Born to Caryl and Louisa Lloyd as their eldest child, Christopher grew up fascinated by the tales of knights and dragons his father told. He made up his mind to become the bravest and best knight in the land once he came of age. Not even going Creative at age seventeen could sway him from his course – he simply added “brightest” to his list of attributes. Entering Her Majesty’s military service as soon as he was able, Christopher quickly rose through the ranks due to his brave heart and intelligent mind. Although never particularly good on a horse, he took to the sword like a fish to water, and earned a name as a particularly skilled killer of monsters. He also gained a reputation as a most prolific Inventor, coming up with thousands of ideas on how to improve his life and the lives of his friends. His successful slaying of the vicious Jabberwock earned him his knighthood and a personal laboratory in the palace, and he continued his experiments under the patronage of Her Royal Majesty. His chivalrous nature and unique ivory-colored armor soon earned him the nickname “The White Knight” among the populace.

Christopher often visited Secundus to meet with fellow inventors, and quickly made friends with Richard Dodgson, Lewis Carroll, and (upon his arrival) Emmett Brown. Fond of children, he would often entertain crowds of his youngest fans with tales of his greatest exploits. It was during one of these story sessions that he met Alice Liddell, and another firm friendship was formed. After the death of Alice’s parents, Christopher assisted her aunt and uncle with the expenses involved in treating Alice’s physical and mental wounds. When she finally returned from bedlam, she told him that she wished to be a warrior of sorts herself. Although at first unsure, Christopher agreed to help her train, and soon discovered her skills at monster-killing rivaled his own – a fact that made him very proud.

As was typical of most knights in the court, Christopher had his share of romances with young ladies. None of them ever really went beyond the stage of kissing and hand-holding, however, and his loves eventually drifted off to other prospects. Unconcerned, Christopher continued to live life in the moment, cheerfully welcoming Doc’s new assistant Victor into his social circle when he met him.

And then more than welcoming Victor’s ex-fiancé Victoria Everglot when he met her.

Relationship To Victor: Friend

Introduced In: Chapter Seven


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