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Original Canon: "American McGee’s Alice"

Age: Not even he knows anymore

Birthday: October 6th

Status: Touched (Severely, specialities: Automatons, hat-making, tea-serving)

Brief History: Richard was born to Quentin and Nettie Dodgson, their only son. Growing up in London, Richard fully expected to take over his father’s hat shop once he was of age. Going a bit Creative at sixteen, however, put a crimp in these plans. Although Richard continued on with his hat-making apprenticeship, the local population was quite nervous about having a Touched design their headwear for them. Richard decided he should strike out on his own and set out for Secundus, where he founded Mad Hatter Haberdashery.

Although a skilled hatter who loved his job, Richard soon discovered he was growing very sick from all the mercury used in the hat-making process. He promptly took steps to extend his life – first by transforming himself from pure human into part-Automaton, then by creating machines to do most of the hat-making work for him. During this time, he met and befriended Lewis Carroll and his creations, in particular the March Hare and the Dormouse. He, March, and Dormy soon became nearly inseparable, and Richard’s basement lab in his shop became the site of many of March’s tea parties. He also became a good friend of young Alice Liddell, sharing with her his love of tea, riddles, and clockwork. After Alice’s parents died, he tried to take the young girl in, only to find his efforts stymied by his no-longer-human status. The best he could do was the occasional visit to her cell in Rutledge Asylum. Once she was declared cured and returned to the city to live with her aunt and uncle, he welcomed her home with open arms and gave her a job as a clerk in his shop. When she told him of her plan to become Secundus’s protector, he eagerly helped her create and test the weapons she’d dreamed up in bedlam as well.

Throughout all of this, Richard had given up any hopes of leaving bachelorhood. Content enough with his business and friends, he happily embraced Victor Van Dort into his circle upon meeting him. Little did he suspect that Victor would later befriend Miss Emily Cartwell – or that the “Corpse Bride” would end up seizing his attention more than any hat.

Relationship To Victor: Friend

Introduced In: Chapter Two

Note: Credit for Richard being named -- well, Richard, goes to NuttyIsa of devART. I literally cannot think of him as named anything else after seeing her call him that time and time again.


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